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Magalies Meander

Moses Kotane - Sun City

Rustenburg Adventure, Tourism and Accommodation

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Magaliesberg Maps




“Wild Flowers of the Magaliesberg” by Kevin Gill and Andry Engelbrecht 


“The Magaliesberg” by Vincent Carruthers 

The books are available from the Buffelspoort Valley Tourism and Information Centre

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Maretlwane Wilderness School, Magaliesberg



Morsjorsie Kleuterskool



Morsjorsie se missie is om gelukkige kinders te begelei on fisies, emosioneel, sosiaal en geestelik opgewasse te wees en die eise wat aan hulle gestel gaan word met die vrugte van die gees suiksesvol te kan hanteer.


Morsjorsie is 'n skool met n christelike karakter wat volgens effektiewe reëls en beginsels bestuur word. Ons visie is om kinders christelik, gelukkig en emosioneel gesond groot te maak. Dit is uiters belangrik om goeie en oop verhoudings met alle personeel asook ouers te handhaaf wat sodoende kinders kan begelei na n lewe vol wonderlike uitdagings...



Kontak Morsjorsie Kleuterskool

Bel of e-pos ons vir hulp met enige aspek van jou navra.


Tel :


Straat Address

1 Jakaranda Straat



Posbus 656





Sunshine Kids Pre-Primary School

Kids 0-6 years, babies also welcome 14 Alex Street, Mooinooi

06:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday

Babies Full Day – R950

Babies Half Day – R850

Kids Full Day – R800

Kids Half Day – R700

Call Rebecca 084 076 7837 or Adele 072 297 5473


Kemano Rural Foundation - Bojanala District Bapong


Kemano Rural Foundation

Sub-Programmes/Kemano Projects:

(i) Give Peace to Senior Citizens

(ii) Secure the Future

(iii) Save the Planet 

Mission & Vision

To advance nation building through cohesive community action 


To promote Ubuntu through visible and compassionate deeds including:

 Instilling self-respect & respect for others

 Self-help projects

 Community chat groups across races

 Arts, sport and culture 

Values: Community First /Sharing /  Compassion / Respect for our fellowmen 


To ensure good governance, accountability and transparency, Kemano will

 Be a Non-Profit Making Organisation;

 Appoint a Board of Trustees on merit from all racial groups;

 Appoint credible staff/officers to run its daily activities;

 Adopt the King Code of Good Governance to guide & regulate its activities;


What we have done to-date 

Kemano is a newly founded organization and have done two projects so far, one on Mandela day (adopt a granny/grandpa) and another on Heritage day (#my heritage my home).

The Mandela Day Project was inspired by one of our sub-programmes namely; “Give Peace to Senior Citizens”. With the support of the youth from the village and the kindness of our sponsor – Build It@Ke Ya Rona- through the manager Mr. Van Zyl and the staff, we managed to clean and paint two houses belonging to both Mrs Christina Gomba and Tesia Molefe respectively. New water connections were also affixed in their yards to alleviate their challenge of having to walk distances to fetch water. All paints, brushes, rollers e.t.c as well as hoses and taps plus commemoration boards were donated by Build-It@Ke Ya Rona.

The Heritage day project was all about the kids and trees that is why we got involved with a Pre-school called Little Stars day care in Bapong village, (No. 421C Skoolplaas Section). Our motivation is to educate children about the importance of our cultures and that we should be proud and embrace them because they are our roots and just like a tree we cannot survive without our them. That is why we incorporated planting of the trees and teaching them the importance of nature/trees.

Trees are essential to life as we know it they symbolize life, new beginning and growth. Just like culture as it builds us, gives us meaning to life and teaches us valuable lessons we need to know to survive.

Our sponsors at this activity were Mr Jako Lemmel: Bosveld Pub -Mooinooi, Joel Botha: Rustenburg Herald,  Buffelspoort Tourism Association who donated a South African Indigenous tree, Spekboom that we planted at the Day Care Centre plus soft drinks that came in handy in the heat of the day. Parents, friends and community members also assisted in renewing the face of the place that nurtures our kids. Our main sponsor Build-It@Ke Ya Rona also never failed, they donated paints and related working tools including window panes to ensure that our mission indeed a success.

The future is bright for Kemano as we plan to grow nationally taking one day at time until we reach our goals. Three of the main being (a) working again with Little Stars Day Care introducing healthy eating menu and reading skills, (b) starting a home of safety for women and kids because there is a lot of abuse in the rural areas and people turn a blind eye. All we want is to give comfort, love, suggest solutions, and care to those who need it, to empower them. (c) Working with disabled adults to help them have a sense of belonging in our societies and finding their purpose and independence through skills training and related jobs. 


I have been saying “We” even though I am the founder but it is through the support of my team that I succeed in everything I do. I would like to thank God, my family, friends, Mr Van Zyl and team (Built-it@Ke Ya Rona),Mr Jako Lemmel(bosveld pub), Joel Botha(Rustenburg herald),Desiree( Buffelspoort tourism) and the community for the relentless support which without, I wouldn’t have had the strength to face this daunting task. Each one of you have a reason to smile for having touched the lives of the less privileged, vulnerable and needy people in a positive way.

May we continue doing these simple but important deeds to have a right to one day claim that we have indeed “took part in building our country” in our own special way!

My personal heartfelt gratitude of thanks goes to you as we end the year 2014. 

XAnastacia Nontsikelelo Masha-RanthuFounder/Manager


Raasbekkies Kleuterskool Mooinooi

Raasbekkies is waarlik 'n skool waar jy jou kind met vrymoedigheid kan laat en weet hy of sy is veilig.
Raasbekkies, waar elke kind ‘n begaafde leerder is, is werklik die skool vir jou kind. Welkom by ons Raasbekkie familie

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Silver Creek College, Barnardsvlei Rd, Mooinooi

At Silver Creek College we focus on the child's natural curiosity to learn while respecting their individuality and allowing each child the freedom to choose and explore, and time to discover their place in the world.

By providing a structured environment and intellectually stimulating activities, we strive to enrich the whole child – meeting their physical, intellectual, social, moral and emotional needs.

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