This is a time for preperation


Don't worry...because everything will be all right!!

This is very unsure times…This is reality but take a breath and look at your life and your business place and look deeper than you usually do. We want to thank all our clients for their faithful payments and diligent marketing ideas and we are encouraged with all the enthusiastic ideas to ensure feet to visit their places.  We still need to believe that all will restore to even a better future. Your support is dearly appreciated…

No matter the challenge...Keep on going...

During this time of lockdown, the Tourism industry is experiencing a need for the normalizing of times.  We want to encourage all of our clients to still keep on going.  When this is all over, you need to be ready for the marketing of your beautiful business place. We are busy with the management of our website and to fulfill the needs of tourists over South Africa to come and visit our breathtaking Valley.  Many people are sick and the reality we are facing with regards to the chaos going on in the news media, makes it quite difficult to hope for future related business.  But this is a time to get ready and to get some things in order where there is space for improvement and development.  Look at your business again and again and see what’s needed for the tourist or client to experience. 

Buffalo Grill still going on...

Thank you to Buffalo Grill whose always ready for a challenge…They started to dine outside of the restaurant and even do deliveries. There will be having a few activities furthermore…Stay updated with their daily specials on our website or their personal website @


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