“Wild Flowers of the Magaliesberg” by Kevin Gill and Andry Engelbrecht 

“The Magaliesberg” by Vincent Carruthers 

The books are available from the Buffelspoort Valley Tourism and Information Centre

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Welcome to Buffelspoort Valley


Our Buffelspoort Valley

Buffelspoort Valley is situated in the Magaliesberg, which is an area of scenic beauty, unique natural features, rich historical, archaeological and cultural value and abundant biodiversity. These features make Buffelspoort Valley particularly valuable for tourism and recreation as well as a focal point for nation-building – whether our ancestry is Tswana, Nguni, Boer or British, we will find roots here. However, these unique features also make it imperative that any development or use of the Magaliesberg & Buffelspoort Valley region must be circumscribed by sound, sustainable management principles and practices.

The Buffelspoort Valley region is close to the Pretoria-Johannesburg conurbation as well as the fast growing Rustenburg. Buffelspoort Valley, is central between attractions like Sun City & Harties and offers unique attractions including Canopy tours, hiking trails, restaurants and so much more.

Buffelspoort Valley offers a huge variety of to do's and to see's to any visitor. Buffelspoort Valley is an area which you have to see and experience first hand. The Buffelspoort Valley invites you to come and share in our splendour.

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Canopy Tours ® South Africa in association with the Endangered Wildlife Trust is proud to announce the launch of its annual ‘I Spy Something Wild’ competition. The inaugural contest and species count takes place during the month of October, The lucky winner of a luxurious 3 night stay for two at the exclusive Madikwe Safari Lodge (operated by More Hotels), will be drawn and announced in November. ­

 Recreational zipling traces its origins back to the rain forests of Costa Rica when an innovative scientist developed a novel way of studying complex canopy life. We’ve come a long way since then but Canopy Tour branches operate in pristine wilderness areas throughout the South Africa, offering guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in naturally beautiful places where they can see a wide range of wild species.

 In keeping with its heritage, ‘I Spy Something Wild’ encourages visitors to pay close attention to their environment, turning a zipline adventure into an exciting Treetop Safari or Mountain Expedition. With assistance from the Endangered Wildlife Trust the ‘I Spy Something Wild’ competition will help create a species database in each of the seven Canopy Tours biomes, cataloging birds, mammals, reptiles, anthropods and amphibians.

 Spy a dwarf chameleon crawling slowly up a branch or spot a forest buzzard peering down from its perch during your Canopy Tour adventure in October 2015 and point them out to your guide: each will earn you one entry into the draw. If you happen to snap a photo and share via Twitter, Instagram or on our Facebook wall with #ispysomethingwild, we’ll reward you with a bonus entry. We’ll be posting regular species counts and competition updates via social media so stay tuned for ‘wild’ news.

 For enquiries and more information on how you can take part in the exciting I Spy Something Wild Competition, please visit

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ADEM GASTEPLAAS top 100 in South Africa and Number One in Rustenburg!


Adem Gasteplaas -   Tel: 083 635 9233


Co-ordinates: 25º S 46.425 minutes / 27º E 20.685 minutes


Top local establishments honoured in TravelGround Awards 2015

South African hospitality establishments recognized for outstanding service

Cape Town, South Africa: The TravelGround Awards recognise the most outstanding establishments in various towns, cities, and tourism regions in South Africa. These establishments offer quality customer service to all of their guests and consistently receive excellent customer feedback.

The 100 awards cover a range of popular tourism regions, cities, and smaller towns in South Africa. The winners were selected from establishments listed on the TravelGround platform based on consistently excellent feedback and high quality reviews from guests during the previous year.

“We considered hundreds of establishments when deciding on the winners, as we have so many fantastic establishments, and some tough choices had to be made. We are exceptionally proud to be associated with our winning establishments who are truly ambassadors for our country’s hospitality industry.” -Marketing Manager, Peter Hanley.

TravelGround Awards 2015 Winners -

About TravelGround: is a local travel website built to be the easiest way to find and book accommodation online. Started in Cape Town in 2008 by a team of 4 South Africans, the award-winning website helps thousands of South Africans book travel online every month.














Sighting of the BAT HAWK in the Magalies
September 2014
BVTA is very excited to inform you that the Bat Hawk was sighted in the Magalies this



The Bat Hawk - When flying it is like a large Swift flying.

“It starts flying in the early hours before dawn and then after sunset. Often hunts around large
flood lights. A juvenile was photographed in the Meerhof Conservancy at Hartbeespoort dam
a few months back. We know a breeding pair has been resident there for years and that was
the first photographic evidence” John Wesson.
“Sounds like they are more abundant in the Magalies than ever thought.”



Magaliesberg proclaimed a World Biosphere Reserve by Unesco


9 June 2015


After nearly a decade of lobbying and sustained efforts by a small committee of dedicated environmentalists, the Magaliesberg has been declared a World Biosphere Reserve.

 The announcement was made on 9 June in Paris by the International Coordinating Council of the Programme on Man and the Biosphere (MAB).  This is a Unesco programme that aims to build a supportive and sustainable relationship between people and their environments.  In effect, this means a specific focus on safeguarding natural ecosystems through innovative approaches to economic development.

 The World Network of Biosphere Reserves, which Magaliesberg now joins, counts 631 biosphere reserves in 119 countries.

 “We are delighted with this final acknowledgement of the unique nature of the Magaliesberg and the powerful contribution it is making to our country, to the ecosystem services in Gauteng and the North West and the communities it nurtures over an extensive area,” said Paul Fatti, chair of the Magaliesberg Biosphere Initiative Group (MBIG) that has been lobbying authorities since 2007 to support the establishment of the Biosphere.

 Vincent Carruthers, past chair of MBIG and renowned author of “The Magaliesberg”, the most authoritative study of the mountain range, said that this announcement was the culmination of a campaign that began in 2006.

 “I’m most grateful there is now international recognition of this great mountain range that has witnessed the whole span of life, from its very origins,” he said.  “The Magaliesberg is almost 100 times older than Mount Everest and half the age of the earth, a unique treasure for us in this part of Africa.”

 Officials from South African environmental authorities were also at the MAB meeting in Paris when the announcement was made.

 “The Magaliesberg Biosphere will be formally registered by Unesco and the Department of Environmental Affairs in October,” added Carruthers, who is chair of the Magaliesberg Biosphere Not-for-Profit Company.  “But before that happens we need to appoint a Board of Management for the Biosphere.”


The Board will be made up of representatives of 16 interest groups who are involved one way or another in the Magaliesberg.  These include bodies involved in conservation, education, tourism, culture/historical activities, business and religion.

 The Magaliesberg is under intense pressure from urbanisation and has lacked the support of a strong regulatory framework to back its status as a Protected Area. 

 “Our hope is that this recognition by a world body and the renewed local focus it will put on the Magaliesberg, will energise initiatives towards greater protection and balanced and sustainable use,” said Fatti who was at Unesco in Paris for the announcement.. “This is the duty the Board of Management will be taking on.”

 The Magaliesberg Biosphere Reserve covers almost 358 000 ha  -  58 000 making up the core area, 110 000 ha the buffer area and 190 000 ha the transition area. 

 Besides the range’s unique biomes  -  the Central Grassland Plateaux and the sub-Saharan savannah  -  it has a very rich biodiversity.  The Aloe Peglerae and Frithia pulchra are unique to the area which has 443 bird species, almost half the total bird species of Southern Africa.

 In its report recommending that the Magaliesberg join the exclusive club of World Biosphere Reserves, the International Advisory Committee for Biosphere Reserves, noted:  “The area is endowed with scenic beauty, unique natural features, rich cultural heritage value and archaeological interest with the Cradle of Humankind, which is part of the World Heritage Site with four million years of history.”

 South Africa now has eight Biosphere Reserves.  Besides the Magaliesburg, the Gouritz Cluster was also declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco.

 Release by the Magaliesberg Biosphere Initiative Group  - June 2015






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